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This page lists the publications produced by individuals within the Office of University Outreach and Engagement for the last five years--2012 through 2016.  For an individual's complete list of publications, please click on his or her name at the bottom of this page and download her or his vita. 

    2015 Publications

    Fitzgerald, H. E., & Zientek, R. (2015). Learning cities, systems change, and community engagement scholarship. New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, 145, 21–33. doi: 10.1002/ace.20120

    Fitzgerald, H. E., Bocknek, E. L., Hossain, Z., & Roggman, L. (2015). Reflections on fathers and infant mental health. Infant Mental Health Journal, 36, 75-77. doi: 10.1002/imhj.21494

    Forster, M. (2015, December). Sensors communicate inner workings of infrastructure. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (8)2.

    Forster, M. (2015, January). Environmental ethics, climate change, and building tribal resilience. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (7)2.

    Forster, M. (2015, March). Book collaboration showcases the diversity of local belief. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (7)3.

    Forster, M. (2015, May). Collaboration brings fresh ideas for Michigan state parks. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (7)4.

    Forster, M. (2015, May). New hardware and a social media model create opportunities for shared learning. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (7)4.

    Forster, M. (2015, November). Scientific and religious leaders collaborate to address disciplinary and ideological gaps in ecological sustainability. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (8)1.

    Gerde, H. K., Pierce, S. J., Lee, K., & Van Egeren, L. (2015). Early childhood educators' self-efficacy in science, math, and literacy instruction and science practice in the classroom. Manuscript in preparation for submission to Early Childhood Research Quarterly.

    Hills, C. (2015, December). Human trafficking awareness through music, artistic expression, and collaboration. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (8)2.

    Hills, C. (2015, January). MSU earns 2015 Carnegie Community Engagement classification. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (7)2.

    Hills, C. (2015, March). Closing the academic achievement gap: The 2014 Outreach Scholarship Community Partnership Award. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (9), 24.

    Hills, C. (2015, March). Collaboration that supports STEM educators in high poverty schools receives Community Engagement Scholarship Award. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (7)3.

    Hills, C. (2015, March). Developing critical literacy: Keeping it real and relaxed. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (9), 18-19.

    Hills, C. (2015, March). My Brother’s Keeper: Intergenerational mentoring for at-risk youth. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (9), 14-17.

    Hills, C. (2015, March). On land grant universities and being My Brother’s Keeper. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (9), 20-21.

    Hills, C. (2015, November). Detroit Food Law Clinic connects emerging entrepreneurs at Eastern Market with legal and academic resources. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (8)1.

    Horner, P., & Martinez, R. (2015, December). Hay que Sufrir: The meaning of suffering among former Mexican American migrant farmworkers. Latino Studies, 13(4), 523-541. doi:10.1057/lst.2015.41

    Horner, P., Martinez, R., Vélez Ortiz, D., Kayitsinga, J., & Acosta, S. (2015, December). Adapting a nutrition education intervention for Latinos. Journal of Education and Human Development, 4(4), 84-90. doi: 10.15640/jehd.v4n4a11

    Jackson, J. E., Ismirle, J., Swierenga, S. J., Blosser, S. R., & Pierce, G. L. (2015). Joystick interaction strategies of individuals with dexterity impairments: Observations from the Smart Voting Joystick usability evaluation. In M. Antona & C. Stephanidis (Eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Vol. 9178. Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction: Access to the Human Environment and Culture (pp. 192–203). Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.

    Jackson, L.C. (2015, March). Bringing clean water to the Mabibo-Makuburi community in Tanzania. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (9), 10-11.

    Jackson, L.C. (2015, March). Finding new ways to communicate: Expanding Oakland County e-government services. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (9), 22-23.

    Jackson, L.C. (2015, March). Hands-on learning experiences for engineering students. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (9), 5-9.

    Jackson, L.C. (2015, March). LATTICE: Weaving together an international learning community. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (9), 12-13.

    Jester, J. M., Wong. M. M., Cranford, J. A., Fitzgerald, H. E., & Zucker, R. A. (2015). Alcohol expectancies in childhood: Change with the onset of drinking and ability to predict adolescent drunkenness and binge drinking. Addiction, 111, 71-79.

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