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This page lists the publications produced by individuals within the Office of University Outreach and Engagement for the last five years--2012 through 2016.  For an individual's complete list of publications, please click on his or her name at the bottom of this page and download her or his vita. 

    2016 Publications

    Post, L. A., Conner, T. L., Oehmke, J. F. Abujarad, F., Cooney, L. M., Brandt, C., Page, C., Swierenga, S. J.,… Dziura, J. (2016).  Development and validation of the Emergency Department Geriatric Readmission Assessment at Yale (ED GRAY): Part 2, prognostic accuracy. British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research, 14(1), 1-8.

    Santillán, R., Coronado, J., Garrett, G., Iber, J., & Zamora, R. (2016). Mexican American baseball in south Texas. Texas: Arcadia Publishing.

    Vélez Ortiz, D., Martinez, R. O., & Espino, D. V. (in press). Framing effects of questions on end-of-life decisions among Latino older adults. Social Work in Health Care.

    Wu, H. J., Kornbluh, M., Weiss, J., & Rody, L. (2016). Measuring and understanding authentic youth engagement. Afterschool Matters, 23(Spring), 8–17.

    Wu, H-C., Van Egeren, L. A., & Weikart Center TACSS Team. (2016). Frequently asked questions about the Leading Indicators Report. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University.

    Dewhurst, C. K., MacDowell, M., & Lockwood, Y. (Eds.) (in press). Michiganders: Michigan folk traditions. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press.

    2015 Publications

    Auslander, M. (2015, August 19). Contesting the roadways: The Moore's Ford lynching reenactment and a Confederate flag rally, July 25, 2015 [Web log post]. Southern Spaces. Retrieved from

    Abujarad, F., Swierenga, S. J., Dennis, T. A., & Post, L. A. (2015). The impact of usability on patient safety in long-term care. In Nah & Tan (Eds.), HCI in Business, HCIB 2015, LNCS 9191, pp. 221-231. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.

    Auslander, M. (2015). ReMixing possession: Dreaming futures past in the work of Jim Chuchu. General Anthropology, 22(2), 14-15. Retrieved from

    Auslander, M. (2015). “We can’t breathe”: Performing subjection in African American protest traditions. Centre for Imaginative Ethnography. Retrieved from

    Auslander, M. (with Ahn, C-E.). (2015, June). Responding to “Comfort Woman” denial at Central Washington University. Asia Pacific Journal [Japan Focus], 13(21). Retrieved from

    Auslander, M. (with Amason, J. H., McCrary, A., Anderson, B., Bair, S., Crosby, N., Hammersburg, B.). (2015). Between night and day: Exhibiting homelessness in Ellensburg, WA. Centre for Imaginative Ethnography. Retrieved from

    Auslander, M. (with Peake, B.). (2015). Viral soundscapes in the public square: The Confederate flag visits the U.S. Capitol. Centre for Imaginative Ethnography. Retrieved from

    Byle, A. (2015, December). Engaging the next generation of journalists in Detroit schools. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (8)2.

    Byle, A. (2015, January). Beef production systems research benefits local agricultural and entrepreneurial stakeholders. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (7)2.

    Byle, A. (2015, March). A medical student’s passion for Flint. The Engaged Scholar Magazine (9), 5.

    Byle, A. (2015, March). MSU spin-off company markets solution to scientific publishing community and beyond. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (7)3.

    Byle, A. (2015, March). Public health in Flint: Bringing MSU to the community. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (9), 2-4.

    Byle, A. (2015, May). Applying business expertise to area nonprofits helps build local capacity. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (7)4.

    Byle, A. (2015, November). Spartan Performance provides integrative approach to sports science for youth athletes. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (8)1.

    Coronado, J. (2015). A divided community united on the diamond: The 1962 Hidalgo County Colt League baseball World Series champions. Journal of the West, 54, 22-31.

    Dewhurst, C. K., & MacDowell, M. (2015). Contributor. In A. Kathrada (Ed.) The triumph of the human spirit: Ahmed Kathrada and Robben Island. Auckland, New Zealand: P.Q. Blackwell.

    Dewhurst, C. K., & MacDowell, M. (2015). Strategies for creating and sustaining museum-based international collaborative partnerships. Practicing Anthropology, 37(3), 54-55. doi:10.17730/0888-4552-37.3.54

    Fisher, S., Middleton, K., Ricks, E., Malone, C., Briggs, C., Barnes, J. (2015). Not just black and white: Peer victimization and the intersectionality of school diversity and race. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, (44)6, 1241-1250.

    Fitzgerald, H. E. (2015). A tribute to Kathryn Barnard and Peter De Chateau. Perspectives on Infant Mental Health, 23(4), 8-9.

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