Other Learning Opportunities

Graduate Certification in Community Engagement

The certification program prepares MSU graduate students for academic careers that integrate scholarship with community engagement. The program is tailored for students in cooperation with their graduate advisor and the Office of the Associate Provost for University Outreach and Engagement, and includes both instruction and a mentored experience in community engagement. Upon completion of the program, participants receive a Certificate in Community Engagement and a notation on their academic transcript indicating that they have completed the program. Students from all colleges are eligible to take the program. 

Tools of Engagement Online Undergraduate Modules

The Tools of Engagement are a series of online modules designed for use by faculty with undergraduate students. The modules introduce the concept of university-community engagement, help students develop community-based research and engagement skills, and provide foundational training for the next generation of engaged scholars.

The five modules that comprise Tools focus on issues including understanding power and privilege, learning about being a good partner and group dynamics, capacity-building, among others. They encourage students to critically reflect on the content, and both provide them with concrete examples that illustrate abstract concepts and encourage them to come up with their own real-life instances. Faculty and students can access the modules by using their MSU Net IDs.

Emerging Engagement Scholars Workshop

The Emerging Engagement Scholars Workshop, which takes place in conjunction with the annual Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference each fall, is an intensive professional development program for advanced doctoral students and early career faculty from across the U.S. and around the world. It provides participants with background literature, facilitated discussion, mentoring, and presentations designed to increase their knowledge and enhance their practice of community engaged scholarship. Selection for the Workshop is competitive. Participants must be nominated and must submit a proposal for a community engaged research project in order to be considered.

Publicly Active Graduate Education (PAGE) Fellows Program

PAGE is Imagining America’s (IA) network for publicly engaged graduate students in humanities, arts, and design. PAGE enhances the praxis and pedagogy of public scholarship; fosters a national, interdisciplinary community of peers and veteran scholars; and creates opportunities for collaborative knowledge production. The PAGE consortium, made up of alumni and allies of the program, promotes opportunities for mentorship and peer support from IA’s network. PAGE Fellows participate in a yearlong working group for collaborative art-making, teaching, writing, storytelling, and co-creating knowledge within and for community. Awardees receive an honorarium to attend the PAGE Summit held during the annual IA National Gathering.

Center for Community Engaged Learning Opportunities

Students who participate in service-learning contribute to the public good of local, national, and international communities via co-curricular and academic placements. They also enrich their academic knowledge with real-world applications and develop personal, professional, leadership, and citizenship skills.

UOE's Center for Community Engaged Learning provides beyond-the-classroom learning opportunities that are...

  • active
  • service-focused
  • community-based
  • mutually beneficial
  • integrated with students' academic programs