Diane Doberneck

Diane Doberneck

Director for Faculty and Professional Development, Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Community Sustainability

E-Mail: connordm@msu.edu

Department Web page: /about/departments/office-for-public-engagement-and-scholarship

Diane M. Doberneck, Ph.D., is the director for Faculty and Professional Development, Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship, University Outreach and Engagement (UOE), Michigan State University. She provides leadership for UOE’s faculty and staff professional development programs for graduate students, post-docs, academic staff, tenure-track faculty, administrators, and community partners. Programming under her leadership spans a continuum of low, mid, and high involvement learning opportunities; includes virtual resources and workshops; emphasizes diversity, equity, and inclusion; is informed by and generative of scholarship.

Signature programs for graduate students and post-docs include Graduate Certification in Community Engagement, STEM Ambassadors, Graduate-Community Engaged Arts Partner Project, and the Sea Grant Extension Fellows Program. The weeklong Summer Intensive on Community-Engaged Scholarship is specifically for faculty, academic staff, Extension professionals, and post-docs, as are two learning communities on service learning and feminist community-engaged research. With the Writing Center, Doberneck offers monthly write-ins, publishing workshops, writing retreats, and individual consultations to support writing and publishing, an essential academic success skill for community-engaged researchers, artists, teachers, and practitioners.

To inform professional development programming, Doberneck conducts research about faculty and staff competencies related to broader impacts and graduate student competencies related to community engagement. Her research interests have also included the incorporation of community engagement in reappointment, promotion, and tenure; faculty integration of outreach and engagement across their teaching, research, service, and administrative responsibilities, and career pathways for community-engaged scholars

Nationally, Doberneck is a regular invited speaker at the Emerging Engagement Scholars Workshop and the Pen to Paper Academic Writing Retreat. She also consults with colleges and universities on institutional change supportive of community engagement; revisions to reappointment, promotion, and tenure policies to support community engagement; publishing community-engaged scholarship; and professional development for community engagement.

Doberneck also holds an adjunct associate professor appointment in the Department of Community Sustainability and is an affiliated faculty member with The GenCen, the Diversity Research Network, and the Center for Interdisciplinarity. In 2020, she was awarded the Distinguished Academic Staff Award for her professional accomplishments.

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Recent Publications

Warwick, A., Avers, B., Pomeranz, E., & Doberneck, D. M., (2021, September/October). Community engagement professional development: An Extension, state agency and university partnership is key to building engagement capacity. The Wildlife Professional 15(5), 35-39.

Hunnell, J., Triezenberg, H., & Doberneck, D. M. (2020). Training early career Great Lakes scientists for engagement and impact. Journal of Water Research and Education, 170, 19-34.

Triezenberg, H., Doberneck, D. M., Campa, H., & Taylor, W. W. (2020, August). Mid and high level engagement programs to develop future fisheries management professional’s skills. Fisheries. doi.org/10.1002/fsh.10480.

Doberneck, D. M., & Carmichael, C. E. (2020). The unfurling tool: Unpacking your community-engaged work into multiple scholarly products. Journal of Higher Education and Community Engagement 12(3):5-19.

Phillips, J. P., Wilbanks, D., Salinas, D. F., & Doberneck, D. M. (2019) Specialty Income and Career Choices: A Qualitative Study of Medical Student Perceptions. Academic Medicine Journal.  Retrieved from  

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Recent Presentations

  • (September 2021)

    Broader Impact Professional Competencies for Successful Leadership

    McNall, M., Doberneck, D.M., McDowell, J., & Heitmann, M. (2021, September). Broader Impact Professional Competencies for Successful Leadership. Workshop. Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference, September 13, 2021.

  • (May 2021)

    Broadening the impact of your work: Designing a route to intentional engagement

    Gerig, M., Zuccarino-Crowe, C., Hunnell, J., Triezenberg, H.A., & Doberneck, D.M. (2021, May). Broadening the impact of your work: Designing a route to intentional engagement. Workshop. 64th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research, Virtual, May 17-21, 2021.

  • (October 2019)

    Designing a Week-Long Faculty Development Workshop About Community-Engaged Scholarship

    Doberneck, D. M. (2019, October). Designing a Week-Long Faculty Development Workshop About Community-Engaged Scholarship. Workshop. Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference. Denver, CO. October 8, 2019.

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