September 2020

    1. Administration of UOE departments
    2. Institutional policies
    3. Liaison to MSU Extension
    4. University-Community Senior Fellows
    1. University-community networks
    2. Faculty networks
    3. Pre-college programs
    4. Engaged Scholarship Advisory Council

    1. Conducts institutional research
    2. Recognizes exemplary community-engaged work
    3. Supports MSU leadership in advancing the advocacy and scholarship of engagement
    1. Supports and consults on the design, implementation, and assessment of collaborative research
    2. Consults on broader impacts
    3. Community Evaluation Programs
    1. Coordinates and provides educational opportunities that build capacity for community-engaged scholarship
    1. Fosters and facilitates networks of community partners
    1. Fosters and supports collaborative arts and cultural partnerships
    • Arnold Weinfeld, Director for Workforce and Economic Development Partnerships
    1. Supports partnerships aimed at regional and state economic growth
    • Center for Community and Economic Development
    • Rex LaMore, Director
    1. Creates, applies, and disseminates valued knowledge in community and economic development
    2. Supports responsive engagement and collaborative learning in community and economic development
    • Center for Community Engaged Learning
    • (Jointly reporting to Vice President for
      Student Affairs and Services)
    • Renee C. Brown, Director
    1. Supports faculty, instructors, and community partners in their community-engaged learning efforts
    2. Facilitates academic community engagement opportunities
    3. Provides beyond-the-classroom community engagement and student volunteer programs
    1. Provides opportunities for underrepresented persons to receive a college education at a post-secondary institution
    1. Provides the public with access to university expertise and resources
    2. Develops publications, websites and information systems, public/media relations, and event coordination on engagement initiatives
    3. Coordinates MSU Science Festival
    1. Offers differentiated educational programs for students in middle school and high school
    1. Researches, evaluates, and supports the social, economic, educational, and political condition of Latino communities
    1. Acts as a hub for MSU programs, activities, opportunities, and research partnerships in Detroit
    1. Offers evaluation services, research collaborations, and continuing professional development programs in usability/accessibility
    1. Brings acclaimed performing arts to Michigan audiences
    2. Provides arts education through the Wharton Center Institute for Arts & Creativity

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