November 2018

    1. Community engagement
    2. Engaged scholarship
    3. Broader impacts
    4. Pre-college programs
    5. Faculty networks
    6. Liaison to MSU Extension
    7. University-Community Senior Fellows
    1. Research collaborations
    2. Fostering inclusive communities
    3. Cultural economic development
    • Center for Community and Economic Development
    • Rex LaMore, Director
    1. Create, apply, and disseminate valued knowledge in community and economic development
    2. Support responsive engagement and collaborative learning in community and economic development
    • Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement
    • (Jointly reporting to Vice President for
      Student Affairs and Services)
    • Renee Brown, Director
    1. Academic service-learning and civic engagement
    2. Curricular service-learning
    3. Co-curricular service and volunteerism
    4. MSU America Reads/America Counts
    1. Publications
    2. Websites and information systems
    3. Public/media relations
    4. Event management
    • Community Evaluation and Research Collaborative
    • Miles McNall, Director
    1. Program evaluation
    2. Community-based research
    3. Knowledge exchange
    1. Differentiated educational programs for students grades 3 - 10
    1. Research, evaluation, and support on the social, economic, educational, and political condition of Latino communities
    1. Hub for MSU programs, activities, opportunities, and research partnerships
    2. MSU Detroit-Partnerships at Franklin-Wright Settlements
    1. Institutional measurement and benchmarking
    2. Research on scholarly engagement
    3. Advancing reflection, learning, and professional development
    4. Promoting innovations in the scholarship of engagement nationally
    1. Urban and systems change
    2. Developing partnerships to address critical community issues
    1. Evaluation services
    2. Research collaborations
    3. Continuing professional development programs
    • Wharton Center for Performing Arts
    • Michael Brand, Executive Director
    1. MSUFCU Institute for Arts & Creativity
    2. Performances

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