Rubén Martinez

Director, Julian Samora Research Institute
Professor, Department of Sociology


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Dr. Rubén O. Martinez, Ph.D., is professor of sociology and director of the Julian Samora Research Institute at Michigan State University. His research interests include institutional and societal change, neoliberalism and Latinos, education and ethnic minorities, diversity leadership in higher education, youth development, Latino entrepreneurship, and environmental justice issues. Dr. Martinez is the editor of the Latinos in the United States book series with the Michigan State University Press. He has several published books and is currently working on a co-edited volume titled Occupational Health Disparities among Racial and Ethnic Minorities: Formulating Research Needs and Directions.

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Recent Publications

Horner, P., Martinez, R., Vélez Ortiz, D., Kayitsinga, J., Acosta, S. (in press) Adapting a nutrition education intervention for Latinos. Journal of Education and Human Development.

Kayitsinga, J., & Martinez R. O. (in preparation). School structure, race/ethnicity, and ninth graders’ mathematics achievement. Targeted journal: Sociology of Education.

Kayitsinga, J., Villarruel, F. A., & Martinez R. O. (under review for resubmission). Neighborhood structural, social, and physical environments on youth obesity. Targeted journal: Social Science Research.

Kayitsinga, J., Villarruel, F. A., Martinez R. O., & Santiago O. R. (under review for resubmission). Family socioeconomic status, economic hardship and stress, and youth obesity. Targeted journal: Social Science and Medicine.

Lopez, W. D., Horner, P., Doering-White, J., Delva, J., Sanders, L., & Martinez, R. (in press). Motherhood and mothering in the shadow of deportation. Social Work in Public Health.

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Recent Presentations

  • (June 2015)

    How the dairy industry manages its labor force

    Martinez, R. O., Escalante, W., Acosta, J., & Kayitsinga, J.

    Presented at the Cambio de Colores Latinos in the Heartland: Shaping the Future: Leadership for Inclusive Communities, University of Missouri

    Kansas City, Missouri

  • (November 2014)

    The impact of detainment and deportation on Latino youth and their families

    Martinez, R., Sanders, L., & Horner, P.

    Presented at the Julian Samora Research Institute 25th Anniversary Conference Latinos in 2050: Restoring the Public Good

    East Lansing, Michigan

  • (July 2014)

    From activism to data and back: Mixed methods research and community activism amid immigration reform in the United States

    Lopez, W., Doering-White, J., Horner, P., Sanders, L., Martinez, R., & Delva, J.

    Paper presented at the Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development: Promoting Social and Economic Equality

    Melbourne, Australia

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