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This page lists the publications produced by individuals within the Office of University Outreach and Engagement for the last five years--2012 through 2016.  For an individual's complete list of publications, please click on his or her name at the bottom of this page and download her or his vita. 

    2017 Publications

    Bender, S. L., Carlson, J. S., Van Egeren, L. A., Brophy-Herb, H., & Kirk, R. (2017). Investigating parenting stress as a mediator between mental health consultation and children’s behavior. Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology, 7(1), 72-85.

    Dewhurst, C. K. (2017). Folklife and museum practice: An intertwined history and emerging convergences. In C. K. Dewhurst, P. Hall, & C. Seemann (Eds.), Folklife and museums: 21st century perspectives. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.

    Dewhurst, C. K., Hall, P., & Seemann, C. (2017). Folklife and museums: New perspectives for the 21st century. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Press.            

    Doberneck, D. M., & Schweitzer, J. H. (2017). Disciplinary variations in publicly engaged scholarship: An exploration using Biglan’s classification. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 21(1), 78-103. Retrieved from

    Doberneck, D. M., Bargerstock, B.A., McNall, M., Van Egeren, L., & Zientek, R. (2017). Community engagement competencies for graduate and professional students: Michigan State University’s approach to professional development. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning 24(1).


    Fisher, S., Zapolski, T., Sheehan, C., & Barnes-Najor, J. (2017). Pathway of protection: Ethnic identity, self-esteem, and substance use among multiracial youth. Addictive Behaviors. Advance online publication. doi:10.1016/j.addbeh.2017.03.003

    Fitzgerald, H. E. (2017). Reflections on the existential infant and the essence of self [Review of the book The birth of intersubjectivity: Psychodynamics, neurobiology, and the self, by M. Ammaniti & V. Gallese]. Infant Mental Health Journal, 38(2), 321-323.

    Golding, P., & Fitzgerald, H. E. (2017). The Psychology of boys at risk: Indicators from 0-5 [Special issue].  Infant Mental Health Journal, 38(1), 5-14.

    Leong, F. T. L., Eggerth, D., Chang, D., Flynn, M. A., Ford, K., & Martinez, R. (Eds.). (2017). Occupational health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities: Formulating research needs and directions. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

    Martinez, R. (2017). Latino occupational health and the changing regulatory context of work. In F. T. L. Leong, D. E. Eggerth, C-H Chang, M. A. Flynn, J. K. Ford, R. O. Martinez (Eds.). Occupational health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities: Formulating research needs and directions. Washington, DC:  American Psychological Association.

    McKinney, M., Fitzgerald, H. E., Winn, D.-M., & Babcock, P. (2017). Public policy, child development research and boys at risk: Challenging, enduring and necessary partnership [Special issue]. Infant Mental Health Journal, 38(1), 166-176.

    Puttler, L. I., Fitzgerald, H. E., Heitzig, M., & Zucker, R. A. (2017). Boys, early risk factors for alcohol problems, and the development of the self: An interconnected matrix [Special issue]. Infant Mental Health Journal, 38(1), 83-96.

    2016 Publications

    Auslander, M. (2016, November 29). Slavery’s traces: In search of Ashley’s sack [Web log post]. Southern Spaces. Retrieved from

    Zapolski, T., Fisher, S., Hsu, W. W., & Barnes-Najor, J. (2016). What can parents do? Examining the role of parental support on the negative relationship between racial discrimination, depression, and drug use among African American youth. Clinical Psychological Science.

    Fitzgerald, H. E., Van Egeren, L. A., Bargerstock, B. A., & Zientek, R. (2016). Community engagement scholarship, research universities, and the scholarship of integration. In J. Sachs and L. Clark (Eds.), Learning through community engagement: Vision and practice in higher education. Singapore: Springer.

    Auslander, M. (2016). [Review of the exhibition Chief S.O. Alonge: Photographer to the Royal Court of Benin, Nigeria at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Arts]. African Arts, 49(1), 88-91. Retrieved from

    Auslander, M. (2016). By iron possessed: Fabrice Monteiro’s Maroons: The fugitive slaves. African Arts, 49(3), 62-67. doi:  

    Barnes-Najor, J., Thompson, N., Belleau, A., Smith, T., Verdugo, M., Brown, P., & Sarche, M. (2016). Cultural and practice perspectives on the classroom assessment scoring system: Voices from American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start programs. Manuscript submitted for publication, Journal of Research in Childhood Education.

    Byle, A. (2016, April). Healthier kids in Flint with CrimFit youth programming. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (8)4.

    Byle, A. (2016, January). Capacity building in Detroit, Flint, and Lansing. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (10), 10-12.

    Byle, A. (2016, January). The Quality Milk Alliance. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (10), 7-9.

    Byle, A. (2016, January). The U.S. EDA Center for Regional Economic Innovation. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (10), 4-6.

    Byle, A. (2016, January). UOE builds capacity for engagement scholarship among MSU students, faculty, and partners. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (10), 38-43.

    Coronado, J. (2016). Beyond the requiem: Chicano pop culture and the Vietnam War. In R. Milam (Ed.). The Vietnam War in popular culture: The Influence of America's most controversial war on everyday life (Vol.1). Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.

    Dewhurst, C. K., & MacDowell, M. (2016). Introduction. In O. Cadaval, S. Kim, & D. N'Diaye (Eds.), Curatorial conversations: Cultural representation and the Smithsonian Folklife Festival (pp. 3-10). Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi.

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