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This page lists the publications produced by individuals within the Office of University Outreach and Engagement for the last five years--2012 through 2016.  For an individual's complete list of publications, please click on his or her name at the bottom of this page and download her or his vita. 

    2014 Publications

    Cho, H., Kim, I., & Vélez Ortiz, D. (2014). Factors associated with mental health service use among Latino and Asian Americans. Community Mental Health Journal, 50, 960-967. doi: 10.1007/s10597-014-9719-6

    Cho, H., Vélez Ortiz, D., & Parra Cardona, R. (2014). Prevalence of intimate partner violence and associated risk factors among Latinos/as: An exploratory study with three Latino sub-populations. Violence Against Women, 20, 1041- 1058. doi: 10.1177/1077801214549636

    Coronado, J. (2014). Omitted American military history: The Mexican American community during the Vietnam War. The Journal of South Texas, 27(1). 

    Coursaris, C. K., Swierenga, S. J., & Whitten, P. (2014). Usability and accessibility of E-health websites: Enabling nutrition and physical activity education for blind and low vision Internet users. In D. Yannacopoulos, P. Manolitzas, N. Matsatsinis, & E. Grigoroudi (Eds.), Evaluating web sites and web services: Interdisciplinary perspectives in user satisfaction (pp. 204-223). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-5129-6

    Delva, J., Horner, P., Sanchez, N. (2014). Adolescent pregnancy in Chile: A social, cultural, political analysis. In A. Cherry and M. Dillon (Eds.), International handbook of adolescent pregnancy: Medical, psychosocial, and public health responses (pp. 225-240). New York, NY: Springer Publishing.

    Dewhurst, C. K. (2014). [Review of the book A measure of the Earth: The Cole-Ware collection of American baskets, by N. R. Bell]. Western Folklore, 74(2).

    Dewhurst, C. K. (2014). [Review of the book Museums and communities: Curators, collections, and collaboration, by V. Golding & W. Modest (Eds.)]. Museum Anthropology Review, March, 8(1).

    Dewhurst, C. K. (2014). Folklife and museum practice: An intertwined history and emerging convergences. American Folklore Society 2011 Presidential Address. The Journal of American Folklore, 127(505), 244-263. doi:10.5406/jamerfolk.127.505.0247

    Dewhurst, C. K., N'diaye, D. B., & MacDowell, M. (2014). Cultivating connectivity: Folklife and inclusive excellence in museums. Curator: The Museum Journal, 57(4), 455-472. doi:10.1111/cura.12085

    Doering-White, J., Horner, P., Sanders, L., Martinez, R., Lopez, W., & Delva, J. (2014). Testimonial engagement: Undocumented Latina mothers navigating a gendered deportation regime. Journal of International Migration and Integration, 1-16. doi: 10.1007/s12134-014-0408-7

    Fisher, S., Reynolds, J. L., Hsu, W. W., Barnes, J., Tyler, K. (2014). Examining multiracial youth in context: Ethnic identity development and mental health outcomes. Journal of Youth and Adolescence (43)10, 1688-1699.

    Fitzgerald, H. E. (2014). Knowledge, engagement and higher education in the United States and Canada. In C. Escrigas, J. G. Sanchez, B. Hall, & R. Tandon (Eds.). Higher education in the world 5: Knowledge, engagement and higher education: Rethinking social responsibility (pp. 227-244). London, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

    Fitzgerald, H. E. (2014). Transition: Wrapping up and moving on. Infant Mental Health Journal, 35, 527-528.

    Hills, C. (2014, December). Our Michigan Avenue Corridor project builds strong community connections. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (7)1.

    Hills, C. (2014, December). Scientific evidence points to positive impacts of the Federal Travel Promotion Act. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (7)1.

    Hills, C. (2014, February). Closing the academic achievement gap in East Lansing receives Outreach Scholarship Community Partnership Award. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (6)3.

    Hills, C. (2014, February). Midland Research Institute for Value Chain Creation. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (6)3.

    Hills, C. (2014, May). Michigan State University named “Engaged Campus of the Year.” The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (6)4.

    Hills, C. (2014, May). Partnering to create the Wayne County Mental Health Court. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (6)4.

    Horner, P., Rojas-Anadon, S., Milanovic, E. (2014). Women and aging. In E. Krajewski-Jaime (Ed.), Aging: Ethnicity and gender issues. Champaign, IL: Common Ground Publishing.

    Horner, P., Sanders, L., Martinez, R., Doering-White, J., Lopez, W., Delva, J. (2014). “I put a mask on”: The human side of deportation effects on children. Journal of Social Welfare and Human Rights, 2(2), 33-47.

    Horodynski, M., Baker, S., Van Egeren, L. A., Olson, B., Brophy-Herb, H., Auld, G., & Lee, K. (2014). The Healthy Babies curriculum. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 46(2), 151-152.

    Jackson, J., Swierenga, S. J., & Hart-Davidson, W. (2014). Assistive technology support for complex reading. Journal on Technology and Persons with Disabilities, 1, 212-219.

    Kayitsinga, J. (2014). [Review of the book Stuck in place: Urban neighborhoods and the end of progress toward racial equality by P. Sharkey]. NEXO: The Official Newsletter of the Julian Samora Research Institute, 18(1), Fall 2014.

    Kayitsinga, J. (2014). Child poverty among immigrant and racial/ethnic minority families in Michigan: Explaining the Latino and non-Latino gaps. NEXO: The Official Newsletter of the Julian Samora Research Institute, 18(1), Fall 2014.

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