2016 Presentations

  • (May 2016)

    Innovation in reuse and recycling

    Jordan, A.

    Presented at the Michigan Recycling Coalition Annual Conference

    Plymouth, Michigan

  • (May 2016)

    Despair and hope: The story of Strategic Doing in Flint

    Brown, Robert E.

    Presented at the National Strategic Doing Conference

    University of North Alabama, Florence, Alabama

  • (April 2016)

    Description of REI program, project partners, and follow-up investments

    Bruen, J.

    Presented at the EDA National Conference

    Washington, D.C.

  • (April 2016)

    Advancing the Science of Domicology

    LaMore, R.

    Presented at the Interdisciplinary Faculty Research Forum

    East Lansing, Michigan

  • (February 2016)

    Bikes, boats, and buses: Innovation in transportation

    Jordan, A.

    Presented at the Student Michigan Association of Planning Conference

    Detroit, Michigan

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