Susan L. Sheth

Director, Gifted and Talented Education


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Susan Sheth is the director of Gifted and Talented Education at MSU. She taught communications for 12 years at the University of Michigan before following her passion of pursuing gifted education. Her personal interest in creating more opportunities, building stronger educational curriculum, and identification for gifted students stems from being a mother of two gifted daughters and having a gifted husband, which led her to the University of Toledo, where she is completing a teaching endorsement in the state of Ohio and a Ph.D. in gifted and talented education. She is expected to graduate in late 2017. Her dissertation topic is The Effects of Parental Involvement on the Academic Achievement of Gifted Children. Sheth is currently the president-elect of the Michigan Association for Gifted Children and the Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search Program liaison for southeast and mid-Michigan. 

Her goals at GATE include offering gifted programming for underserved populations and expanding opportunities throughout the state of Michigan. Since she started at MSU, some notable additions to GATE include hosting the Michigan Association for Gifted Children state conference. Sheth collaborated with the MSU Osteopathic Hospital to create a Future DOCs-GATE summer program for middle school students, expanded academic year programs into southeast Michigan, and designed an accelerated weekend program for fourth- through sixth-grade gifted students called GUPPY—Gifted University for Parents and Precocious Youth—in which parents and students may participate in on-campus learning.

Sheth has recently presented at the Lilly teaching conference, the Michigan Association for Gifted Children, and the National Association for Gifted Children.

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Recent Presentations

  • (March 2017)

    Promoting the safety of minors at MSU

    Bargerstock, B. A., Sheth, S. L., Blanks, T., & Donado, L. (2017, March 30). Promoting the safety of minors at MSU. Moderated panel presentation at the Workshop for MSU Youth Program Directors, East Lansing, MI.