2016 Presentations

  • (May 2016)

    Bayesian multilevel factor analysis of the Emotion Regulation Checklist: Examining cross-level and longitudinal measurement invariance

    Pierce, S. J., Lee, K., Brophy-Herb, H., & Van Egeren, L. A.

    Paper presented at the Modern Modeling Methods Conference

    Storrs, Connecticut

  • (April 2016)

    The development and analysis of a preschool science task: Observing and explaining sinking and floating

    Schwarz, C., & Van Egeren, L. A.

    Paper presented at the 2016 National Association for Research in Science Teaching conference

    Baltimore, Maryland

  • (April 2016)

    Grantwriting for engaged scholarship

    Van Egeren, L. A.

    Graduate Certification in Community Engagement, Michigan State University

    East Lansing, Michigan

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