2014 Presentations

  • (November 2014)

    The impact of detainment and deportation on Latino youth and their families

    Martinez, R., Sanders, L., & Horner, P.

    Presented at the Julian Samora Research Institute 25th Anniversary Conference Latinos in 2050: Restoring the Public Good

    East Lansing, Michigan

  • (October 2014)

    International social work: Promoting human rights through research and practice

    Parada, H., Sosa, L., & Horner, P.

    Presented at the Latino Social Workers National Conference

    Chicago, Illinois

  • (October 2014)

    Service delivery gaps, HIV and substance abuse and new technologies

    Horner, P., & Martin, S.

    Paper presented at the Julian Samora Research Institute 25th Anniversary Conference

    East Lansing, Michigan

  • (October 2014)

    Racial/ethnic gaps in 9th Graders’ mathematics achievement: The influences of school concentrated advantage and social capital

    Kayitsinga, J.

    Presented at the 25th Anniversary of the Julian Samora Research Institute

    East Lansing, Michigan

  • (July 2014)

    From activism to data and back: Mixed methods research and community activism amid immigration reform in the United States

    Lopez, W., Doering-White, J., Horner, P., Sanders, L., Martinez, R., & Delva, J.

    Paper presented at the Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development: Promoting Social and Economic Equality

    Melbourne, Australia

  • (June 2014)

    School structure, social capital, and ninth graders’ mathematics achievement among Latino/a and non-Latino white students

    Kayitsinga, J., & Martinez, R. O.

    Presented at the Cambio de Colores Latinos in the Heartland: Growing Together in New Destination Areas

    Columbia, Missouri

  • (March 2014)

    Substance abuse and Latina women

    Horner, P.

    Presented at Embracing Our Changes: Promoting Health for Women of Color from Midlife and Beyond. Michigan State University

    East Lansing, Michigan

  • (January 2014)

    Latino/Hispanic Family Caregivers II

    Vélez Ortiz, D.

    Cultural competency training series for the Savvy Cargiver Program, Office of Services to the Aging, State of Michigan

    Lansing, Michigan

  • (January 2014)

    Improving health and healthcare in Michigan’s Latinos

    Vélez Ortiz, D.

    Summit: Julian Samora Research Institute at Michigan State University

    East Lansing, Michigan

  • (January 2014)

    The impact of deportation on children and adolescents development

    Horner, P., Delva, J., Martinez, R., Sanders, L., & Cortez, P.

    Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Work Research

    San Antonio, Texas

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