The Office of University Outreach and Engagement supports collaborative community and economic development efforts that utilize innovative economic strategies in distressed regions throughout Michigan and contribute to an equitable global knowledge economy.

A selection of UOE projects and resources is listed here.

Adoption of Best Management Practices to Reduce Production Losses in Transition Dairy Cattle

The focus of this grant is the development of best management practices designed to improve transitioning cow health whi

An Integrated Extension and Education Program to Reduce Mastitis and Antimicrobial Use

This project, the Quality Milk Alliance, focuses on improving the quality of milk produced on dairy farms by reducing th

Latinos 2025 – Positioning for a Stronger Michigan

This is a multistage needs assessment of Latino communities in Michigan. The project includes developing demographic pro

Michigan Urban Core Mayors

The Urban Core Mayors (UCM) is a bipartisan, multi-regional coalition of Michigan’s thirteen central city mayors i

Neighborhoods Without Borders

Citizens and businesses are coming together in a grassroots and community effort to significantly improve the overall qu

Strategic Doing

Strategic Doing is an approach to community engagement that provides an efficient method—or set of rules—to

The Ave: A Community Collaborative Economic Development Project

This project is designed to document and present the diverse cultural expressions along “The Ave”—the

University Center for Regional Economic Innovation (REI)

In October 2011, the MSU Center for Community and Economic Development was awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of C

Urban Learning and Leadership Collaborative (ULLC): Focus Hope

MSU is one of the three research university partners (along with Wayne State University and the University of Michigan)