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Strategic Doing

Strategic Doing is an approach to community engagement that provides an efficient method – or set of rules – to help groups resolve complex problems via action-oriented collaboration. By using the assets and resources of everyone at the table, the Strategic Doing process allows a network of people to quickly develop solutions to complex problems using measurable outcomes and goals. The approach has enabled the initiation and growth of several grassroots programs in Flint, Michigan.

A broad-based Community Foundation of Greater Flint initiative used Strategic Doing to develop an equitable and sustainable food network to increase residents’ access to healthy food in light of the closure of several grocery stores in Flint.

Strategic Doing also was instrumental in the creation of Neighborhoods Without Borders, an initiative started after a community partners made an unsuccessful bid for a federal Promise Neighborhood grant. Strategic Doing also helped start the Building Neighborhood Capacity Program, a federally funded program designed to help residents address tough community problems through the development of a neighborhood revitalization plan.


  • Community Foundation of Greater Flint
  • Neighborhoods Without Borders
  • Building Neighborhood Capacity Program


Robert E. Brown

Associate Director, Center for Community and Economic Development

Center for Community and Economic Development