Camtasia is a screen capture and video editing tool well-suited for creating instructional video. Camtasia shares many features with professional video production software like Adobe Premiere but is much more approachable for a beginner. When the editing is complete, Camtasia can export the production in a variety of standard video formats for uploading to YouTube, Facebook, MediaSpace, or other video hosting sites.

Main features

  • The screen recorder component can capture all or part of your computer display.
  • The program can record from your computer’s webcam and microphone simultaneously with the screen capture.
  • Once the recording is complete, the various video and audio elements can be edited within the program into a final product using a familiar video timeline interface.
  • Other video elements, like stock clips or material recorded on an external camera, can be added (these video elements can be cut, moved in time, overlaid, etc. to produce the final edit).
  • Basic titles, graphics, and transitions can be added. A library of templates for graphic elements is included.
  • Audio tracks may be combined and adjusted.


Video captions may be added using an automatic speech-to-text tool within the program and then manually edited and adjusted to correct inevitable errors. Caption quality is affected by audio quality and speech patterns. You may also use the built-in caption capability of hosting platforms such as YouTube and MediaSpace.

Security and Safety Recommendations

  • Dress appropriately: Instructors and other adults appearing in videos must be dressed in appropriate attire.
  • Have an unidentifiable neutral background: The setting must use a neutral background and not reveal private spaces inside a home.


From the MSU Tech Store: TechSmith is currently offering free Camtasia and SnagIt Licensing through to all faculty and staff through June 30th, 2020. When this free licensing period expires, end users will have to visit to purchase a full license going forward.