Michigan State University guidelines:

Youth safety:

UOE staff have been working with the Director of Youth Programs, to develop guidelines and support for the transition of summer pre-college programs to online.

Youth Safety Portal is Now Live

The MSU Youth Safety Portal is now available for all MSU youth program leaders. It replaces the annual Youth Programs Questionnaire, and will allow MSU youth program leaders to submit required information to register their programs with the office of the Director of Youth Programs, update and renew their program each year, and manage and view the status of their programs' compliance with various requirements for conducting MSU youth programs. Learn more, at: https://engage.msu.edu/covid-19/resources/for-pre-college-program-leaders/msu_youth_safety_portal.


UOE is also providing direct support to pre-college program leaders on their transition plans. To request support, please contact Robert Halgren at halgren@msu.edu.

Other resources: