STEM Ambassadors Program (STEMAP) September 12, 2023 - February 13, 2024

Apply for the Science Communication and Outreach Training Program

Application deadline: Monday, September 4, 2023

Application opens August 15, 2023

MSU’s STEM Ambassador Program (STEMAP) is recruiting MSU participants for a six-month science engagement program. Funded by the National Science Foundation, STEMAP is designed to promote open-minded exchange between members of the public and the scientific community. Through workshops, peer learning, and one-on-one mentoring, participants will learn how to establish two-way communication and build trust between scientists and public audiences who are less likely to visit typical informal science education venues (e.g., museums and science festivals).

Participants will gain new public engagement skills and demonstrated broader impacts experience to cite in their NSF grant applications.

Who can apply?

MSU faculty, research staff, postdocs, and graduate students are welcome to apply. Applicants must have an active program of STEM-based research.

What participation in STEMAP involves

The average time commitment for STEMAP is typically 6-8 hours per month but can vary depending on the type of engagement project you choose to pursue. Most workshops and group meetings will start at 2 p.m. on Tuesdays and will take place in the Kellogg Center.

Over the course of six months, participants will be expected to attend:

  • A 1-hour orientation meeting
  • Three or four 2- to 3-hour workshops
  • Two 2-hour group meetings
  • Two 1-hour individual meetings with site facilitators

In addition to attending the trainings and designing an engagement activity, participants are expected to implement at least one science engagement activity with community members.

Apply for STEMAP

More information?

Learn more about the STEMAP program.

For questions, contact Miles McNall, director for Community-Engaged Research, Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship.