These three systems work together to simplify the process of a non-MSU program registrant getting access to a D2L-mediated program, MediaSpace, and other MSU systems.

Community ID

The key for non-MSU participants to access many MSU systems is the Community ID. It is the equivalent of a NetID for the general public. There is no cost; they can be obtained by the participant on request, or can be bulk-generated by an instructor when a class roster is known. A Community ID holder can log into D2L, MediaSpace, and other MSU systems. The only requirement for a Community ID is a non-MSU email address.


CashNet is MSU’s authorized payment card processing system. A summer program can be listed as an item in a department’s CashNet store, and, by means of CAPS integration, purchasing registration will ensure the registrant has a valid Community ID and enroll the user in the correct D2L session.


The key to easily connecting program registrants to D2L and other electronic resources is CAPS, the Course Access Provisioning System. CAPS replaced the prior Non-Credit Registration System (NCRS). CAPS connects the purchase of an item in a storefront (registration in a program) to enrollment in the corresponding D2L course.

Once CAPS is integrated with a CashNet storefront, your program’s registration website will direct prospective registrants to your storefront using a special “roundabout” URL, instead of a direct link to your storefront. This link will ensure that the end user has logged in using a valid Community ID and register the end user with CAPS. Then the end user can register and pay for your program through your storefront. Behind the scenes, this end user will be enrolled in the proper D2L course.

Note that CAPS cannot be integrated with a pre-existing CashNet store; you will need to create a new storefront with CAPS integration. Creating a CashNet store involves several steps and should be started well ahead of registration time.