2022 MSU Nominee

(Project ACT) Advocacy and Other Community Tactics to Challenge Barriers to HIV Care for Gay and Bisexual Men and Transgender Women (recognized as an Exemplary Project of 2022)

2018 MSU Nominee

Helping National Guard Families After Deployment: A University-Military Collaboration

2017 MSU Nominee

The Detroit Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) Action Research Project (recognized as an Exemplary Project of 2017)

2016 MSU Nominee

Engaging Low-Income Urban Patients in their own Health Management

2015 MSU Nominee

Enhancing Individual Empowerment and Community Health: Developing and Sustaining a University-School District Partnership Model for the Preparation of Resilient and Effective STEM Educators for High-poverty Schools

2014 MSU Nominee

Closing the Achievement Gap in East Lansing Public Schools

2013 MSU Nominee

ISYS-DPAL Building Better Young People Through Sport Partnership

2012 MSU Nominee

GET City: Green Energy Technologies in the City (recognized as an Exemplary Project of 2012)

2011 MSU Nominees*

From the Inside Out: Building Community and an Urban Food System on Lansing's East Side (recognized as an Exemplary Project of 2011)

Working Together to Improve the Lives of People Affected by Epilepsy in Zambia

2010 MSU Nominees*

Humans, Horses and Health

Wiba Anung

2009 MSU Nominees*

Adolescent Diversion Project

Collaborative International Engagement: Education a Culture Through Innovative Technology and Clinical Practice

* Prior to 2012, universities were permitted to submit up to two nominations.