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STEM Ambassador Program (STEMAP)

STEMAP recruits MSU participants for a 6-month science communication and outreach training program, focused on sharing science in non-traditional learning venues. Through workshops, peer-learning, and one-on-one mentoring, participants learn how to identify and engage partners, communicate their science effectively to public audiences, and design and implement public engagement activities.

Participants gain new public engagement skills and demonstrated broader impacts experience to cite in their NSF grant applications.

MSU faculty, research staff, post-docs, and graduate students are welcome to apply. 


Miles A. McNall

Director for Community-Engaged Research, Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Psychology
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship

Doberneck, Diane

Director for Faculty and Professional Development, Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Community Sustainability