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MI Department of Natural Resources – Wildlife Division Basic and Advanced Community Engagement Certificates

Since 2017, the Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship has partnered with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division to offer a weeklong basic community engagement certificate and a two-day advanced community engagement certificate for wildlife professionals.

The basic certificate program was developed so that DNR Wildlife Division staff will have a broader understanding of community engagement principles and practices and a more engaged and inclusive approach to stakeholder involvement in the management of wildlife resources.

The basic certificate focuses on wildlife management under the public trust doctrine, the spectrum of participation, principles of partnership, techniques for collaboration, working with diverse communities, broadening participation, evaluating stakeholder participation, managing disruptive behaviors during public meetings, and communicating during crisis situations. The basic certificate includes DNR Wildlife Division case studies to illustrate these community engagement concepts and learning activities to reinforce practical applications of key community engagement ideas.

The advanced certificate has five goals: (1) develop community engagement strategies and plans; (2) manage and facilitate public meetings, including dealing with disruptions; (3) choose best tools for different kinds of stakeholder engagement; (4) understand the importance of evaluating stakeholder engagement; and (5) practice using different collaboration and engagement techniques. Participants work through multiple scenarios and practice different approaches and techniques for open, public meetings; small groups of regular stakeholders; and a complex mix of stakeholders. The advanced certificate concludes with a session on practical applications to each participant’s work.




  • Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship
  • Center for Community Engaged Learning
  • MSU Extension; MSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Michigan Department of Natural Resources – Wildlife Division


  • Michigan Department of Natural Resources – Wildlife Division


Diane Doberneck

Director for Faculty and Professional Development, Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Community Sustainability

Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship