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Institutional Consultancy on Community-Engaged Scholarship and University Outreach

Since the early 1990’s, Michigan State University’s emphasis on scholarship-driven community outreach and engagement has attracted the attention of colleges and universities committed to engagement, including other research-intensive universities. As a result of this attention, the Associate Provost for University Outreach and Engagement and researchers with MSU’s National Collaborative for the Study of University Engagement (NCSUE) have been routinely invited by other universities to make visits, give executive briefings, conduct workshops, provide webinars and audio conferences, and present to campus-wide audiences about the practice of community-engaged scholarship, university outreach, and related institutional alignment issues. Individuals and groups of leaders, scholars, and doctoral students have also made short visits to MSU to consult with NCSUE and University Outreach and Engagement staff.

Common consultancy topics include:

  • Defining scholarly outreach and engagement
  • Institutional alignment to support community engagement missions
  • Community-engaged scholarship in reappointment, promotion, and tenure
  • Institutional measurement and documentation of scholarly outreach and engagement
  • Professional development programs for community-engaged scholarship for faculty, staff, and graduate students

This consultancy has served people from institutions in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, China, as well as from across the United States.

The University’s regional, national, and international reputation has directly benefitted from this attention as other institutions have sought to learn about MSU’s experience and NCSUE’s research findings. NCSUE will continue to partner with higher education institutions to support their efforts to better develop, support, and institutionalize scholarly community engagement in its many forms.


Burton A. Bargerstock

Executive Director, Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship
Director, Communication and Information Technology
Special Adviser to the Associate Provost
Affiliated Faculty, Digital Humanities at MSU

Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship