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Quality Milk Alliance An Integrated Extension and Education Program to Reduce Mastitis and Antimicrobial Use

The Quality Milk Alliance focuses on improving the quality of milk produced on dairy farms by reducing the incidence of mastitis. Mastitis is the most devastating disease affecting adult dairy cattle in the United States and the single biggest cause of antimicrobial use in the dairy industry. Despite our scientific knowledge of mastitis prevention and therapy, many farms continue to struggle with the adoption of effective mastitis control practices. The project will develop and implement an intervention that will lead to an Extension-based program for the reduction of mastitis and antimicrobial use. Research is focused on overcoming behavioral barriers while having the flexibility to address the diversity of the U.S. dairy industry. As the project completed phase one, it became clear that the industry has human resource development needs.


  • Agricultural, Food & Resource Economics: Christopher Wolf
  • Extension Agriculture and Agribusiness: Phillip Durst and Stanley Moore
  • Julian Samora Research Institute: Rubén Martinez and Jean Kayitsinga
  • Large Animal Clinical Sciences: Ronald Erskine (PI), Lorraine Sordillo-Gandy, and Genaro Contreras


  • NIFA - National Institute of Food and Agriculture


Rubén Martinez

Professor, Department of Sociology
Director Emeritus, Julian Samora Research Institute

Julian Samora Research Institute