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Éxito Educativo

Éxito Educativo is a partnership-based program that promotes academic success among Latino students by illuminating the pathways to college. This exciting after-school program brings Latino parents and their students in high school together to learn about the requirements for high school graduation, the different sources of support, and the pathways to college. The program consists of six two-hour long modules. Participants learn about the benefits of a college education, the importance of family members communicating with each other, school personnel, and peers. They will also learn about the structure of U.S. higher education, the sources of financial aid, the importance of financial planning, and the college application process.


  • Julian Samora Research Institute
  • Lansing School District
  • Capital Area College Access Network
  • Lansing Promise
  • Lansing Community College
  • MI ALMA.


  • Julian Samora Research Institute
  • Lansing School District


Rubén Martinez

Professor, Department of Sociology

Julian Samora Research Institute