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Latino Farmers - Latino Agricultural Entrepreneurship Strategies, Networks of Support and Sustainable Rural Development

Latinos, a young and growing population group in the Midwest, are pursuing livelihoods strategies in rural communities. A three-year integrated research and extension project is studying the diversity of Latino agricultural livelihood strategies - from established farmers to beginning, and those interested in becoming farmers- and the networks that support farming in Iowa, Michigan, and Missouri. The long-term goal is that the agricultural entrepreneurship livelihood strategies of Latinos contribute to family well-being (the strengthening of capitals) and wealth creation for sustainable rural development in the Midwest. In order to achieve this long-term goal this project aims to increase understanding of and support the incorporation of Latino agricultural entrepreneurs into the information sharing networks, the service delivery systems for farmers, and agricultural markets that will enable them to succeed as farmers in the Midwest, specifically targeting Iowa, Michigan, and Missouri. The target participant includes Latino farmers and ranchers, Latino farm workers, and those who provide support and resources to farmers and ranchers.



  • University of Missouri


  • USDA- National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)


Rubén Martinez

Professor, Department of Sociology
Director Emeritus, Julian Samora Research Institute

Julian Samora Research Institute