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Alternative Spartan Breaks

Alternative Spartan Breaks (ASB) encourages Michigan State students, faculty and staff to get involved in the active citizen movement.  At ASB we believe that citizens should hold community as a priority in their lives by giving back to and participating in different communities across the world. As an organization we hope to offer Spartans opportunities to discover and explore the active citizen personally by planning and implementing over 20 service trips each year.  On these trips, ASB sends groups of 12 people to a specific community where they perform at least 30 hours of service focused on a specific social issue. During this time participants also learn as much as possible about the social issue they address. MSU ASB participants are learning about the world and how much just one person can affect it in only a week’s time. This week long experience allows our members to evaluate the meaning of direct service in their lives and to continue holding this value as they move forward. The CSLCE supports ASB by advising this 25 year old Registered Student Organization (RSO) and by continuing to develop and maintain an Alternative Breaks Toolkit and other resources for other academic and co-curricular programs to use when planning their trips.


  • CSLCE and many non-profit across the United States


ASB is self-funded through registration fees and individual sponsorships.


Tina Houghton

Assistant Director, Center for Community Engaged Learning

Center for Community Engaged Learning