Attention: Faculty, Academic Staff, and Graduate Students

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)


Research initiatives which aim to identify inclusive and just responses to community problems require: 

  • integration of the different ways in which these problems are understood (e.g., by community members, by university partners), and 
  • generation of solutions, grounded in local and scientific knowledge, that align with the core beliefs and values of the partners. 

University faculty and staff involved in community-university partnerships frequently find themselves in the challenging position of attempting to foster dialogue and coordinated action across partners’ different ways of understanding community problems, with little guidance on the techniques and tools for bridging these differences.  

This panel will address this challenge of knowledge integration by sharing the techniques and approaches used by academics and community partners to co-create solutions. Partners from Michigan State University, Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health, University of Colorado Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health, and the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan will describe their processes for co-creating knowledge and integrating values to move toward equitable research in the field of early childhood education and development.  

In a panel discussion, these partners will identify the crosscutting lessons learned and unique strategies for co-creating knowledge and integrating values. Following the panel discussion, session participants will have the opportunity to engage with the panel through a Q&A session.


  • Jessica Barnes-Najor, Director for Community Partnerships, Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship, Michigan State University
  • Allison Barlow, Director, Center for American Indian Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Michelle Sarche, Associate Professor, Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health, University of Colorado
  • Ann Cameron, Head Start Director, Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan 
  • Lisa Martin, Project Director, Tribal Home Visiting Project, Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan
  • Elizabeth Kushman, Department Manager, Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Services, Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan


Sponsored by: University Outreach and Engagement; Center for Interdisciplinarity (C4I)