Process for Safe Return to Community-based Activities

The University has initiated a variety of processes for reviewing applications to return to activities that occur on- and off-campus with community partners and the public. The appropriate process depends on the type of activity:

  • Community-based human subjects research: Apply through Human Research Protection Program COVID-19 site.
  • MSU-Extension programs: MSU-Extension process, through Institute Directors
  • Other educational, outreach, and engagement activities that occur with community partners and the public on-campus or off-campus not covered by the above processes: Complete the Request for Review of Plan for Safe Return of Activity. Applications will be reviewed by a committee that includes EHS, the University Physician’s Office, Emergency Management, and University Outreach and Engagement. Approval from the MAU will be required as part of the application process.
  • IPF Service Request - EventsUse the IPF Service Request Event Form if your activity has an outdoor component or if the activity requires IPF support. This is in addition to any other necessary applications.

Michigan State University guidelines:

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