Framework description: Establishing and maintaining coordinated intentionality around research foci and corresponding support for the varied research programs of faculty, students and staff.  Establishing a sustainable and embedded institutional structure that facilitates an environment and acknowledges the efforts of research faculty who contribute creative and innovative knowledge that advances diversity, equity, and inclusion in MSU’s research enterprise.

  • Develop resources and guidance for researchers on conducting community-engaged research with diverse populations, including collaborative and participatory research approaches
  • Develop resources and guidance to facilitate disseminating research to diverse populations
  • Develop resources and guidance on “broadening participation”1
  • Recognize and celebrate community-engaged research that advances DEI


  1. Broadening participation is an element of broader impacts, which is part of the overall merit review process used at NSF. The goal is to discover and nurture talent wherever it may be found. At NSF, this means reaching out to: Individuals from a wide range of underrepresented groups.Back to article