Framework description: Continually assessing how students, staff, administrators and faculty perceive and experience MSU’s environment to facilitate the ongoing development of a campus climate that resolves conflict, advances understanding and appreciation of others, and is supportive of all who live, learn and work here.

  • Identify DEI professional development/dialogue opportunities available on-campus
  • Bring experts to UOE for office-wide DEI professional development/dialogue
  • Develop policies for DEI professional development participation release time/funding
  • Establish DEI professional development required trainings and/or minimum professional development expectations to be integrated into performance review
  • Provide option for staff to take the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), which produces an individual intercultural development plan
  • Create informal/internal opportunities for dialogue and development, led by UOE staff or colleagues, such as discussions, breakfasts, brown bag, movies; include online participation option when at all possible