Framework description: Establishing and sustaining initiatives to enhance success among the entire campus community (i.e., students, staff, administrators and faculty). Strengthening and increasing connections with individuals and organizations beyond the campus community to intentionally impact on the compositional number and success levels of students, staff, administrators and faculty and align institutional efforts that further access to and accomplishment in post-secondary education.

  • Identify and require DEI training for staff participating in hiring specific to the hiring process
  • Identify and train DEI advocates who will be on search committees
  • Identify/create policies (see LEADERSHIP: Policies recommendation) to ensure equity in hiring, retention, and performance review
  • Expand ways to create diverse candidate pools, including:
    • Expanding to broader networks
    • Working with HR to address barriers related to timeline and policies that have precluded us from seeking the broadest range of candidates for open positions
    • Explicitly identifying biases that may affect perceptions of high-quality and high-performing candidates
  • Collect and monitor data on UOE recruitment, retention, and advancement