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Youth-Adult Partnership Rubric

The Youth-Adult Partnership Rubric (Y-AP Rubric) is a research study that aims to develop program-level measures assessing the existence of youth-adult partnership (Y-AP) in various youth settings. Y-AP is defined as “the practice of (a) multiple youth and multiple adults deliberating and acting together (b) in a collective (democratic) fashion (c) over a sustained period of time (d) through shared work (e) intended to promote social justice, strengthen an organization, and/or affirmatively address a community issue” (Zeldin, Christens, & Powers, 2013; pp. 390). The Rubric specifies different levels of Y-AP practices and provides examples around: (1) youth participation in authentic decision-making, (2) natural mentors, (3) reciprocity, and (4) community connectedness. It can be adopted as a professional development tool for youth workers to strengthen their Y-AP practices or as a research tool for external data collection.

Learn more about the Youth-Adult Partnership Rubric.


  • Neutral Zone teen center, Ann Arbor
  • National Institute on Out-of-School Time
  • University of Wisconsin-Extension
  • Students at the Center Hub
  • Ketchikan Youth Initiatives


  • National Institute on Out-of-School Time
  • Robert Bowne Foundation


Jamie Heng-Chieh Wu

Associate Director for Community Evaluation Programs, Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship