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Evaluation of Project AWARE SEA Michigan

The purpose of Project AWARE SEA Michigan is to create and sustain an enhanced infrastructure at state and local levels to increase the capacity of school districts to implement, improve, and sustain the delivery of mental health services to school-aged youth and their families. This goal will be accomplished by improving coordination and integration of state and local resources for behavioral health services and implementing Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) state and local training programs in three Michigan communities. The evaluation is designed to: (a) systematically assess the ongoing status of the project; (b) provide timely information for creating strategic plans; (c) assess progress on project goals and objectives; (d) identify barriers encountered and the success of efforts to surmount those barriers; and (e) identify any modifications to major project goals, objectives, and strategies and their rationale. Data are reported to state and local stakeholders on a quarterly basis to support ongoing troubleshooting and continuous quality improvement (CQI). Evaluation findings are used to identify shortcomings in program implementation, reach, and effectiveness.


  • Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and Michigan Department of Education


Miles A. McNall

Director for Community-Engaged Research, Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Psychology
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship