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Community Partnership Programs

The Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement offers a wide variety of services and resources for partners involved in all forms of community engaged learning, service-learning and student volunteer programs. Those services and resources include

  1. Training: CSLCE offers ongoing training opportunities for community partners through workshops, orientations, and toolkits. These opportunities offer training that addresses practical support (e.g., Optimizing Your Student Recruitment Efforts), contemporary issues (e.g., How to Promote Engagement among International Students), and CSLCE values (e.g., Becoming Co-educators with MSU) that are pertinent to community partners.
  2. Placement Services: CSLCE also assists community partners in connecting their service opportunities with MSU students. CSLCE connects students and partners through three primary placement services: 1) the Serve-Learn-Engage database (, which connects students to academic service -learning and pre-professional volunteering opportunities; 2) a customized volunteer matching system, GiveGab (, which matches students with relevant co-curricular service opportunities from MSU-promoted agencies; 3) an annual on-campus Volunteer Fair, where students meet community partners to learn about their vision, mission, and service opportunities.
  3. Campus-Community Networking: CSLCE facilitates relationships between community partners and MSU faculty/staff for the purposes of aligning relevant research/services with community needs and fostering community engaged teaching and learning.
  4. Coordination of Large Scale Service Projects: CSLCE coordinates several annual large-scale service projects (e.g., “Days of Service”, “Fill the Bus”, etc) that enlist MSU student volunteers to work with Community Partners on relevant community issues. 


  • Michigan State University
  • 284 community partners composed of nonprofit organizations, community agencies, and local hospitals


Renee C. Brown

Director, Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement