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Programming on the Indian-American Experience and a New Partnership Between MSU Museum and BORI (A Museum and Research Center in India)

Building on a long-standing relationship with the local Indian community, the MSU Museum hosted a special annual India Day program and has embarked on building collections and program endowment to support the study, documentation, and presentation of Indian-American culture in Michigan. This also includes a formal working partnership with a major museum and research center in Southern India. Staff consultations and exchanges are being planned.


Indian Women’s Professional Association of Greater Lansing, BORI Institute (India), MSU Museum/UOE, and active local community members.


Indian Women’s Professional Association of Greater LansingBORI Institute (India), and active local community members who have established an endowment to sustain this work.


C. Kurt Dewhurst

Director, Arts and Cultural Initiatives
Curator of Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Michigan State University Museum
Professor, Department of English
University Outreach and Engagement Campus Senior Fellow

Arts and Cultural Initiatives