Matt Forster

Matt Forster

Contributing Writer/Editor, Communication and Information Technology


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Matt Forster is a writer and editor for Communication and Information Technology, writing articles for UOE’s Engaged Scholar magazine and e-newsletter. He also provides editorial support for various UOE projects. Outside of MSU, he is a consulting editor for In Trust magazine, a quarterly publication dealing with governance in theological higher education. He has also written of a number of travel and recreation guides. He gets great pleasure from crafting messages that connect with an audience.

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Recent Publications

Forster, M. (2016, April). Partnering in Flint to research suicide prevention and reduction. The Engaged Scholar E-newsletter, (8)4.

Forster, M. (2016, January). Capitalizing on a cultural resource: The MSU Federal Credit Union Institute for Arts and Creativity at Wharton Center. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (10), 25.

Forster, M. (2016, January). Introducing new models for successful teaching and learning: The MSU Museum collaborations. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (10), 22-24.

Forster, M. (2016, January). Opening doors for students with academic aptitude: Gifted and Talented Education. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (10), 24.

Forster, M. (2016, January). Supporting exploration of arts and culture: The MSU China experience. The Engaged Scholar Magazine, (10), 26.

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